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Friday, 8 January 2016

Guns, Babies, Free Speech and Mandated Speech Contrary To the Speakers Interests and/or Beliefs

California, the cradle of a free-speech movement back in the day, has a law that pro-life crisis pregnancy centers must prominently post a sign in 48 point type on a sheet the size of letterhead, not just reminding women that abortions are legal, but telling them how to find an abortionist at little or no cost.

I wonder what the reaction of those who favor this mandated speech would be if "gun-free zones" were required by law to post in a similar manner reminding people of their second amendment rights, and informing them where to go to purchase a pistol, apply for a license, do a little target practice, and, where legal, get themselves a concealed carry permit.

As it happens, I am far right on the issue of the private murder of the unborn, and far left on the issue of keeping weapons out of the hands of those on terrorist watchlists, toddlers whose caregiver's IQs are in the middling double digits, and loners who aren't playing with a full deck.

I am just non-plussed by the complete lack of principles that are brought to bear on so many contentious issues, the inconsistency.

But back to the crisis pregnancy centers, if I were they, I'd comply with the law, and make the dang sign REALLY prominent and eye-catching, by using a larger font, and framing the notice with images  of the "products of abortion" such as the Planned Parenthood "sting" videos gave us, with neon arrows pointing to them, comme ça:
California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to Abortions for eligible women. 
Image result for neon arrow "like this" 
You know, Abortions Like This!!!!

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