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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

I Don't Care What the Calendar Says...

... not the one over my desk, not the one in the sacristy.
TOMORROW, (not this past Sunday,) is Epiphany.

And even that is not the end of the season! Yet there were the Magi and the sheep all lying in boxes at church, the trees, gone, the garland in a pile in the cloister to be mulched, the strings of  lights wound 'round their holders.

Look, even by the current liturgical calendar, the Christmas season does not end till the Baptism of the Lord.

I don't give a fig, I am celebrating until the Presentation. ( Not a fig, but I'd give a date or a blueberry -- there is a fruitcake macerating even now as we speak, been soaking up the brandy for nearly two months! and tomorrow we shall indulge...)

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