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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Musical Disconnect

Just watched the better part of a half hour on EWTN dedicated to the Eucharist, very good, words of saints about the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence, interviews with young people on participating in mass, rejecting the uninformed desire to "get something out of it," (yeah, I'm watching a lot of TV today, haunting the house these days...)
But the theme music leading in and out of this otherwise thoughtful little documentary about the greatest miracle any of us will ever experience, the most profound theological truth we can ponder?
A kind of gospel-styled protestant hymn, no connection to the Eucharist at all, just generalized praise, (with an admittedly fitting title, if nothing else,) How Great Thou Art.

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Scott said...

EWTN does a lot of musical disconnects like that: leading into Mass with New Age-y synthesizer riffs that bear no resemblance to the music to be used at Mass, and so on. They could use an upgrade of their production values; one would think they've got the budget for it.