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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pro-Life Democrat

Interesting interview in America.

I don't know that you can honestly make a case that either party is appreciably better on the blood lust that is behind most support for capital punishment.

I like that Kristen Day says, flat out, of Jerry Brown's climbing on board the assisted suicide bandwagon, "This clear rejection of the dignity of human life by Governor Brown brings our nation down a dark path."

But this,
When a government or society begins to determine who is worthy of life and which lives can be discarded, we begin to edge our way down a slippery slope. It may start with voluntary deaths for those suffering most, whose death is imminent. But soon the message is sent to all: There may be a point when you are no longer needed
is hooey - "begins"? Our nation went gleefully tobogganing down that hill decades ago -- overwhelmingly that is the reasoning of the "compassionate" voices in support of abortion,  that is the language bolstering the argument for the unworthy unborn who will be suffering the most and whose death is imminent anyway.

I was curious about this -
our Catholic faith teaches us not “abandon your beliefs” to join a political party, but to stay and try to change that party.
Huh? yeah, sure, to the first part, but where are we taught we ought, "to stay and try to change that party" ?
Pretty sure that's a prudential judgement.

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