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Friday, 23 October 2015

Those Are Some Mighty Big Hands You're Expecting the Pope To Twist

As I've been watching (thank you, EWTN!) and reading news on the Synod, from time to time I come across something someone in Rome has said that's just, so, so....
What the...?
... that I think I must be looking at it wrong, or missing something.
So I guess what I'm saying is that it's reassuring to know, that no, wiser and more learned heads found it equally worthy of the side-eye,

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and indeed, what was said earned any $$%!^^!??#$?%??!?? I cared to fling at it.

One of the Small Groups, English D, included a Father, who said,
the Pope can, in effect, twist the hands of God.
I remember, in the days when I was young and foolish and thought an argument could be won on the internet, (worse, thought an argument on the internet was worth winning!) being told that the Pope was infallible, and so he could "make" someone a saint by declaring it so, God was bound by the Pope's decision. (My take was that the Church and Peter's successor were given the faculty to discern that someone was enjoying the beatific vision, the canonization decree didn't change anything for the saint himself, just us still on earth.)
It made me think of poor Livia in I Clavdivs.
I want to be a godess....
I thought it was a woman at the time, but i wonder if she has grown up to be a Synod Father, because that's some wacked out theology and I'd like to think it is not shared by too many people.

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