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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Tweets, Tablets and Truthiness

I know the strictures of keeping it to 140 characters or fewer don't allow for much subtlety, but can we agree that this:
Democrats and Republicans 'barred' from receiving Holy Communion by US archbishop
is a pretty dishonest representation of what the Tablet is reporting on here. (The headline on the article isn't a whole lot better than the tweet.)
Of course, the piece itself is dishonest.
It's beyond montanism to claim that a Pope's words in an address to a secular NGO  somehow trump the CCC, traditional Catholic teaching, and, um... God. As revealed in, you know, His Word.

And I say this as an opponent of capital punishment.

In fact, it is very important that I, indeed, that ALL Catholics in those countries where the death penalty still exists, continue to believe, and more, to publicly profess that if warranted, we "do not exclude recourse to the death penalty," because otherwise we cannot serve on juries in capital cases, thereby eliminating what may well be the only voice for mercy in the sentencing phase.

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