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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sin? Odd'll Be the Nicest Thing It Gets Called

Oh, Eccles....
Jesus concluded His moral teaching by saying to His disciples, "Now, of course these are only rough guidelines, and I'm really expecting you to make up your own teachings, as you go forth to preach the Good News. Apostle Judas will provide a 'relatio' to report on your discussions."
"You see, when I told Peter that we were founding a Church, I forgot to mention that it would be synodal in structure. So when the Day of Judgement comes, make sure you bring your passports with you, as the very definitions of Good and Evil will depend on where you came from." 
Sarah, Burke, Pell... do any of them have titular dioceses in which I can register?
Are we going to have "flying bishops"?  (And is that as tasty as "smoking bishop"?)

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