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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Voting On the Relatio Finalis

I am both confused and curious.
Confused because I thought I had understood, no, I am quite sure I heard more than once that some of the rhubarb heading into Synod 2015 was anger over a new procedure wherein the Synod Fathers only option would be to vote, either up or down, the relatio in its entirety rather than paragraph by paragraph.

But this a.m. I heard Joan Lewis on the radio talking about how they would be voting point by point.

Were we previously misinformed or was this simply one of the little changes that may have been wrought in the wake of the "secret" letter to the Pope from the 13 Cardinals?

Another thing that piques my curiosity is the matter of translation. Incompetence and shenanigans in this area were both matters that Ratzinger had to deal with in his tenure, so I understand that rapid, reliable work presents a problem.

But everything only in Italian? with no translations freely available?

Is this something new in post-VC II Vatican operations?

Instead of Latin, or French, (the language of diplomacy?) Italian is the default?

Has it been for a while?

How does that aid in de-centralization, or in breaking the purported stranglehold of the Curia and other Roman insiders, one wonders....

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