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Monday, 5 October 2015

Respecting the World's "Rich and Varied Ethical Standards’

Yes, that's what the world has, "rich and varied ethical standards."

And people who aren't... "morally flexible," fail to go along to get along.

Sour pusses! Cranks!! Mushroomfaces!!!

 Margot Wallström, the Swedish foreign minister, denounced the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia. As the theocratic kingdom prevents women from travelling, conducting official business or marrying without the permission of male guardians, and as girls can be forced into child marriages where they are effectively raped by old men, she was telling no more than the truth. 
Wallström went on to condemn the Saudi courts for ordering that Raif Badawi receive ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for setting up a website that championed secularism and free speech. These were ‘mediaeval methods’, she said, and a ‘cruel attempt to silence modern forms of expression’....
Saudi Arabia withdrew its ambassador and stopped issuing visas to Swedish businessmen. The United Arab Emirates joined it. 
The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation, which represents 56 Muslim-majority states, accused Sweden of failing to respect the world’s ‘rich and varied ethical standards’ — standards so rich and varied, apparently, they include the flogging of bloggers and encouragement of paedophiles. Meanwhile, the Gulf Co-operation Council condemned her ‘unaccept-able interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.'
Really, shouldn't whatever man has charge of her put a sock in it, since she has been so unwomanly as to speak out herself, refusing to put a sock in it?
A speech she was supposed to deliver to the Arab League was cancelled, Saudi Arabia recalled its diplomats and Sweden almost lost a billion in arms sales to the Kingdom.
But that's old news, what is the hen crowing about now?
as desperate migrants trek towards Sweden, and neighbouring EU countries balk at accepting refugees, Wallstrom, a former EU commissioner, insists that the rest of Europe must join Sweden and Germany in shouldering the burden. “We have to find solidarity and help each other out. We have to share responsibility for the refugees based on our shared values . . . If one country is putting up a fence, and another is opening up, this is not sustainable,” she says....
The migrant crisis has prompted Wallstrom to increase calls for global action to halt the violence generating the exodus to Europe. “How do you fight rape as an ideology?” she says, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. “When women are sold on a modern slave market as pieces of meat it’s time that the international community reacts at the highest level, shows it has the means and strength and tools to stop it . . . Violence against women must be defined as a peace and security issue.”
Really, what is the world to do with these outspoken women who don't know their place?  Why can't they be meek and mild, like, Oh, I dunno...
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