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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Wait, He's Supposed to Love ME, and Welcome ME, and Pray For ME, and Tell ME to Stay Strong...

... and people who agree with me, and have the troubles I have!
Not anybody else!
What kind of lousy Papa is he, anyway?

How could he possibly extend his hand to someone who agrees with the long established Church teaching with which I have trouble?
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(Don't they look like they ought to be best buds?)

In all honesty, I think the great problem, glaringly apparent when you hear statements such as,
"We haven’t seen the kind of policy changes needed to keep people from continuing to leave the church in vast numbers," 
coming from Catholics, or at least leaders of groups claiming to be Catholic, is a complete ignorance of Who the Church is, Who She claims to be.

In the Mass, when you get to what someone I know refers to as the halftime show, after the priest finishes his homily we all get up and Profess our Policy Statement, right?


We profess the Credo, each of us says what he believes.  What the Church believes and what, by belonging to Her, we also believe. We don't recite Canon Law, we don't speak from memory the GIRM, and we don't proclaim the diocesan directives for preparing for the Sacraments.

"Policy"? "Doctrine"? "Teaching"?

Those do not mean the same thing.
Learn, please LEARN the difference between Truth and trend, besides eternal verities and expedient variables.
"I think that the whole teaching that the church has, that [blah-blah-blah] needs to be scrapped," Duddy-Burke said. "I mean, that just needs go away. Until that change happens, nothing else positive is going to really substantively happen for [the person feeling victimized by Church teaching] It’s just really damaging."
You know what's really damaging?
And sin that you are happy to own, and in which you wish to encourage other people?
Even more damaging.

If the Church is not, as She claims, supernaturally protected by the Holy Spirit from teaching error, She is not Who She says She is either, so why on God's green earth would you CARE what She teaches, or what Her leaders think or do or say?
There are plenty of sects that will affirm you and enable you and codify your preferences if they haven't done so already.
But to return to my first point - should the Pope not have visited those in prison? Or, having done so, should he have turned district attorneys and LEOs from his events? Could he not shake the hand of both President Obama and President Castro?

Who would have thought the executive director of Dignity USA was all about exclusion?

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