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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

To What Should We Attribute Americans Increased Support for the Protection of Unborn Human Life?

A K of C/Marist survey seems to show a bump in pro-life leanings in the US.
Pope Francis’ visit to the United States has given a boost to Americans’ stated support for the pro-life cause, the results of a survey conducted this month suggest.
About 62 percent of Americans voiced support for life at every stage of its development, including the unborn, according to a Marist Poll conducted this month. The survey shows an increase of six percentage points since August.
Among practicing Catholics, about 81 percent agreed, an increase from 76 percent.
I would have guessed that the realization that the unborn are baby human beings deserving of our love and care and protection instead of our poisoning and burning and dismemberment of them had at least as much to do with the release and dissemination of the Center for Medical Progress sting videos as with Pope Francis's undeniable popularity.
But either way, God be praised.

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