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Thursday, 26 March 2009

April First

It seems that "The Vatican is to receive condoms in the post from subscribers to a Facebook group protesting Pope Benedict XVI's recent comments against the use of condoms to combat AIDS in Africa.

Organisers of the Italian group on the social networking website said 60,000 subscribers will send a condom to the Vatican on Friday.

But deliveries could total millions after similar Facebook groups across the world also pledged to participate.

Condoms will be 'addressed to the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, 00120 Vatican City' and organisers are hoping they will all arrive on April 1."

How appropriate, since they are showing themselves to be utter fools.

In related news, international aid societies are hounding the Vatican to help distribute crash helmets to drunk drivers.

1 comment:

Sir Monocle said...

Even I'm appalled at this one. It's more than tacky - it's extremely disrespectful.