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Saturday, 28 March 2009

How did I get here? What am I doing here?

Ah, yes, the great existential questions... but it was really an absent-minded slacker's bemusement at finding herself on a web-page and trying to recall what peculiar sequence of links is behind such self-discovery.
Certain mentally undisciplined conversationalists often find their discussions hurtling through such amazing scenery, they are curious to board that train of though for the return journey.... what were we talking about?

So, what were we talking about?

Oh, yeah...
The interwebs are a worse "time suck" than the card catalogue of my remote youth. How many term papers were written at the last minute because I was distracted during research time?
(Focus. FOCUS!)

A casual thought about ecumenism leads to curiosity about Orthodoxy; and recollection of a bi-ritual Roman Catholic priest who was supposed to be expounding on the difference between Byzantine and Roman instead going off on a tear about Bugnini, Masons and the filioque; leads to profanum vulgus comboxorum, and a post in which the word "Mottram" catches my eye, (so yeah, I opened some new tabs on various aspects of Brideshead, but that's a different rabbithole;) that seems to have inadvertently been posted to the wrong thread; which (other) thread links to a snarking famous pot commenting upon a famous kettle's conversion; which leads to a gallery of "famous converts."

(I admit to not recognizing all of them... which is sad, because I've already come to terms with not even recognizing the names of most "celebrities" or "stars", because I'm too old to have any interest in the areas of pop culture from which some fame devolves; and now to not know the names of persons someone as old as Christopher Buckley considers famous! But I digress.)
(See what I mean?)

Anyway, famously wooden but photogenic movie star Gary Cooper was received into the Church late in life.

I don't know why, but that made me happy to read. Maybe because he'd been a notorious swordsman, with a messy life...
I like the idea of hope for us all.
And it is the Church, the Catholic Church in which the Church founded by Christ subsists, which help me to live in hope, in joyful hope.

Faith helps give meaning to existence; the Church, our association with Christ and with all those who make us His Mystical Body, illumines the existential darkness in which man finds himself.
So, back where I started!
(Appropriately enough, because I do run in circles....)

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Dad29 said...

...received into the Church...

So was Jane Wyman (?) Reagan's first wife. In fact, she became a nun.