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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Rather as if Lot had said...

... no, no, keep your filthy hands off my sheep, you perverts, have at it with my daughters, instead (I always wondered if the daughters resented Dad for that...)

The European Union is to radically restrict laboratory testing on animals - by insisting human embryos are used by scientists for research instead.

Toxicology tests on animals will be permitted only after similar research on tissue taken from human embryos has proved fruitless, according to a proposed new directive from the European Commission (EC).

Before scientists can test any new medicines on animals they will first have to determine that no other method is "reasonably or practicably available". Such methods, according to the EC, include testing human embryonic stem cells - a procedure controversial in most European countries because the embryos are destroyed during the process of extraction of such tissue.

Yes, the Great Humanitarians of the EU think that before Fluffy or Squeaks are subjected to danger, death or dismemberment, Junior must have exhausted his usefulness in that regard.

Experiment on parts you extract from your children.
Oh, sorry, not your children.
Some other human persons' children.
Who were conceived especially for you to cannibalize them for parts.

O brave new world, that has such parents in it!

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