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Monday, 30 March 2009

Deep Thinking

A former Christian, but now a neophyte of the Church of What Is (I Like to Think, But which May Be or May Not Be,) Happenin' Now had a conversation with a denizen of Holy Smoke's combox.

Yes, I suppose it might be apocryphal, but it is most tragically and most wonderfully like conversations I've had with other members of the Church of What Is I Like...., oh, for pity's sake, let's just call them "Relativists."
Recently I have had a depressing discussion on the concept of Truth with a friend of mine, who claims to to be Christian. I tried to prove a point to him by saying:

'We have two statements:

1. The earth was created by God and 2. The earth was NOT created by God. Now, surely you'll agree that ONE of this statements MUST be true, regardless of which one it is. '

And you know what he said? 'Not necessarily. This is too inflexible'

Where has the logical thinking gone? People no longer THINK.

My friend went on to say that it cannot be that only one religion is right, and that I was' rigid', 'subjective', 'authoritarian' and 'inflexible'.
As our processional here at The Church of...., oh, sorry, for the Relativists, please turn in your Fake Books to number, er... in your hymnals, to...

"Oh no, Anita, no! It isn't true, not for me, it's true for you, not for me, I hear your words, and know they're smart, but my heart, Anita...."


Gregor said...

"The Church of...."

I like to use COTHOlics - Church Of The Holy Opinion

Scelata said...

Thanks very much for stopping by, Gregor.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)