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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Schola Gregoriana

I am tired just reading about choir director Colleen Liggett's endeavors:
Schola Gregoriana is the only one of Liggett's four choirs that doesn't regularly sing for Mass at St. Mary. When Liggett arrived at the parish in the fall the pastor, Father Frank Lioi, told her some parishioners had expressed an interest in Gregorian chant, which is one of Liggett's specialties. She studied Gregorian chant at Westminster Choir College in New Jersey and in 1999 founded Schola Feminarum, a women's chant choir that is currently on hiatus. Liggett was pleased to be able to start another chant choir in Auburn.

"My goal is to offer the opportunity for people to sing chant. It's open to Catholics and non-Catholics, anybody who wants to sing Gregorian chant," she said.

The name "Schola Gregoriana" is Latin and means Gregorian chant ensemble, Liggett noted.

"It sounds like a fancy name, but it's really simple," she said.

Several members of Schola Gregoriana joined the ensemble because they enjoy the Latin language, while others joined because of the spiritual nature of Gregorian chant.

"Other people come because it's their Catholic heritage, and some people come because it's not a big commitment. It's not required that you come every week. Come when you can when it fits your schedule," Liggett said.

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