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Thursday, 19 March 2009

"The Man Who Listened to the Angel"

(... as Fr Benedict Groeschel referred to him.)

Wishing you blessed Saint Joseph's Day!
Do the Blessed in heaven really take particular interest in any of us hear on earth? do members of the Church Triumphant play favorites with their intercession, the way members of the Church militant do with their intercessory prayer?

I pray to two saints of the name of "Joseph," and it is because of the particular interest I like to think one of them takes in me that I.... not "believe," but confidently hope in a kind of universalism. Everybody is loved by somebody (oooh, sounds like a bad pop song,) and that somebody by somebody else, and that somebody.... eventually, playing seven degrees of Kevin Bacon with the Mystical Body of Christ, we're probably all connected to a canonized saint.

I know intellectually that enjoying the Beatific Vision one can want for nothing more, but as a dim human being I feel that heaven or no, a mother, for instance, cannot be "happy in heaven" knowing her child is not going to make it.

Hmmm... that was probably a heresy.
St Joseph, pray for me! (and for your name sake who is beset by harpies...)
Help me to listen to God's messengers and trust as you did.

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