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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Cheeseburgers They Will Serve in Heaven?

In the midst of a frantic and not altogether pleasant week, I had almost perfect day.

What I expected to be a low Mass had fully (and beautifully and prayerfully,) sung Gregorian Ordinary and propers, and a really educational homily, (sometimes information is more inspiring than direct attempts inspiration.)
The day brought a Rosary procession, (a totally unexpected and totally new experience -- why aren't there more processions?); an unlooked-for gift certificate from one of my favorite stores, and actual proximity to a location so that I could use it, (is there a better caramel than the sea salt utterlycornandcornproductfree gems from World Market?); utterly gorgeous weather; brilliantly thoughtful gift from Himself, (Slings and Arrows nails the actual experience of preparing a stage performance as accurately and entertainingly as Topsy-Turvy, my previous benchmark); despite wicked traffic, somehow getting everywhere on time; and Bellinis at bedtime.

I love my life.

Oh, and I forgot -- the cheeseburger that I firmly believe will be served in Paradise.


The Hop Haus, Franklin in the Loop

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