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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Stigmata of a Pedalist

I read some silly thing once about how the great divide among modern Catholics was not liturgy, not music, not the attitude toward Humanae Vitae -- no, the claim was made that all of Catholicism separates into two camps, pedalists and manualists, according to ones preferred method of lowering and raising kneelers.

I'm a devout pedalist, but cannot for the life of me recall getting the tremendous bruises I just noticed on my insteps...

The kneelers at one church where I prayed last week are awkwardly heavy, but I'm fairly certain this didn't appear until several days after the last time I worshipped there. St Clara's are very small indeed, and light, so I doubt they are to blame.
There are no kneelers at the one other place I stopped in... go figure.

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