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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Pride Goeth Before the Fall, or Sometimes Before the Summer

Looking out my window yesterday I was filled to bursting with joy and pride, looking at our hydrangea bush, which was enormous, and healthy, and had, if anything, too many blooms.

(This is a first, we had several years of it not flowering, or looking sickly and scrawny all summer, not seeming to grow, or just generally failing to thrive, as those with care of children might say.)

It was so remarkable that, well.... I remarked on it, and summoned the could-care-less Himself to share the sight with me.

Now these abundant blossoms were tinged with blue, but only slightly.

And I like blue hydrangeae.

The past few years I have given it aluminum sulfate, but i am out and in light of the projected move to a place where the hydrangeas bloom not, wasn't about to spend ten dollars on a bag of chemicals to use a spoonful or two, so I read up on the internet, (the magisterial internet, the source of all wisdom and knowledge,) and had decided several days ago i could give it tiny amounts of vinegar to futher acidize the soil.

And as of yesterday I was very puffed up indeed about how it looked.

And this morning it is all but dead.

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