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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Or, as Homer would say, "DOHH, re mi..."

... which is about how I am reading and singing just now.

No, actually, my reading is getting quite a bit better, (drat.... now I have to admit that yes, solfege DOES work, IS necessary, MUST have time made for it...)

But i am practically voiceless, (I have a range exactly equal to my most bored and enervated speaking voice...) which, while it fills me with terror if I think long-term, is quite a blessing in the short-term -- since I could not sing or contribute to my schola's rehearsal, (my contribution is minimal at the best of times,) had leisure to observe the rehearsal style, warm-ups and chironomic practices of a different chant master.

This is just a remarkable week. I have so much to say about it, but I can hardly wrap my mind around all that is happening, so I may never say anything, I may just think about it.

The openness and generosity of heart of the people who do this, I don't mean us attendees, but those who make it happen is just over-whelming.

And the skills, not just the erudition and insight being passed on to us, but the mad teaching skills of Wilko, Arlene, Dr Shaefer, Ann Lebounsky and a dozen others, (not to slight those others, these are just my experiences of the past half a day!)

But now as I prepare to let the sacramenty goodness of this afternoon's Mass wash over me, (in lieu of calorie-burning participation as mandated by the Guardians of the Spirit of VCII -- it's their mis-interpretation of "active" participation, doncha know?) I shall, in keeping with the day, follow the example of the author of Ut Queant Laxis, and pray to St John the Baptist, if not for the restoration of my voice, for some kind of hint as to where my state should lead me...
Which kinda get me back to.... Ut... I mean DOHH re me fa sol....

(And St John? just to let you know I'm putting some effort into this, I made Lauds this morning....for the first time this week.... for YOUR feast day.... )

(Oh, and happy birthday)

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