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Friday, 4 June 2010

Taxes, the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Taxes..... argh. (By which I mean to indicate that pirates had the right idea.)

It's not enough that trying to gather the paperwork about, and to fill out the forms for, and crunch the numbers of, and execute the bank transaction necessitated by them ruins the time leading up to April 15.

Now they can ruin your month of June, as well.

And the Feds could take lessons from the states.

Apparently, if they only process half of what you send in, they half no trouble sending you an enormous erroneous bill based on that half.

And apparently if their computers aren't acknowledging schedules so that it seems as if not a single person in an entire part of the state had a single penny withheld from wages so they DofR must know it's wrong, they still find it expedient to send out heart attack-inducing bills to all those people before the glitch is addressed, (what? on the premise that some people will just pay them without checking the figures?)

And apparently the much bally-hooed and much encouraged e-filing, while nearly instantaneous, is somehow processed after the after the snail mail filing done even days later...

Anyway, I've practically made myself sick the past few days by thinking about and thus worrying about their little missives, instead of ignoring it all, as I should have.

Say "boo!", to you, pooh-pooh to you,
Say "bah!", to you, ha ha to you...

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