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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

How Does Anyone Know Whose Ticket to Punch?

Serious question, sincerely asked (prompted by various bits of Newman brouhaha)-- when a miracle is attributed to someone whose cause for sainthood is being investigated, how do they know the dead person in question is the one who ought to be credited?

Certainly, never did anyone in dire straits, in all of Christendom, in the history of of the world, say, "Please, whatever you do, don't' pray for the the intercession of ANYONE on my behalf, except this one person who is not yet a tried and true inhabitant of heaven."

(You know, 'cause I want to see if this guy's got the goods, and my curiosity on this point supersedes any piddling transitory desire to, oh, I dunno.... LIVE?!?#?$?!??)

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