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Monday, 15 December 2014

"As Anyone Who’s Paying Attention Knows, All Men Are Capable Of Rape ..."

In the past few days I have read a great deal about rape, what people believe to be true about rape.

Because a number of close friends and immediate family members of mine belong to groups/professions/races/genders/communities that seem to have a party line to toe on the subject I have heard a great amount of contradictory opinion expressed as "fact" in the past few days.

Let me assure you, no one with whom I am in contact has any first hand knowledge whatever of the actual facts of a number of cases that have been in the news, but that has not put any damper on twit. face, cocktail chatter...

So I was just curious as to what if anything could be definitively said of certain news stories, and I have fallen down a rabbit hole.

And I came across several accounts of a false allegation of rape made against a singer..celebrity? I had never heard of him, but I don't listen to that kind of music.

Anyway, said singer is apparently gentle and awkward and sensitive, (not to mention, mightily forgiving.)

Okay, fine.
But this:
Awkward and sensitive is all well and good, but as anyone who’s paying attention knows, all men are capable of rape.
Let me rephrase.
ALL men?
Can you imagine in the wake of recent events someone saying, "All Muslims are capable of terrorism and hostage taking"?
Or, "All Blacks are capable of rioting and looting"?
"All  Republicans are capable of torture'?
"All Catholic are capable of child abuse"?

Or, to keep it in the realm under discussion, "All women are capable of falsely accusing a man of rape."

Yeah, how about that?

Would all right-thinking people jump up and down and scream about tarring the innocent with such a broad brush?
I surely hope so.

So how can anyone say something so stupid as that all men are capable  o such a heinous act?
All types, perhaps, all personalities, men from all walks of life...
But "all men?"

Not just no, but HELL no.

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