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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Pontifical Council for Culture's Video

Okay, I watched it Sunday night, IIRC, and yes, it's weird and off-putting.
And I'm not sure quite what the point is. And I think a non-English speaker may have made the call on casting someone whose English was considered sufficient.

But is attacking the spokesperson who appears in it in this way even "Christian adjacent" much less Christian?
I wonder what a parallel video about men for men would look like? Could it possible involve, I dunno, an unshaven guy in a wifebeater shouting “Stellllaaaaaa” at a second story window? I am straining here. Would it be some metrosexualized guy who does things with wax? What age would be be? Would he have “product” in his hair? Would he have a shaved head, which is popular in Italy now? What would be the male equivalent of false eyelashes and puffy lips?  
A really smart women to whom I spoke to about this, at first asked if the person in the video was really a woman or someone in drag. Then, after she saw it, she commented that she might have taken it more seriously had she had dark hair (the woman in the video, that is).
A really smart woman decides how seriously to take someone else on the basis of hair color?

(Incidentally, it is not unheard of for women to wear false eyelashes not only onstage but IRL, and not just  for dates, parties and other festive occasions.)

And a side note, should those of us who are unabashed admirers of those sporting man-lace really cast aspersions at metrosexuals and other males who take effort with their appearance? It's not just unkind and unChristian, it's illogical and impolitic.

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