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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Movies for Christmastide

In some matters I am a little prickly about not celebrating Christmas until Christmas, but at the nursing home, (where Himself agreed, "those people need as much Christmas as they can get,") it being Gaudete, and very few of our congregants knowing what year it is, much less day, instead of our usual closing hymn I suggested Joy to the World this morning, and was glad -  they sang up a storm.

But it is too early to begin Scroogeapalloza, (especially since we have no new versions this year,) and while the fruitcake is macerating, not a cookie has been baked yet.

HOWEVER -- I think it might be nice to watch The Holly and the Ivy one of my favorite Christmas movie, this evening.
An adult film, that takes faith seriously, (yes, it's a hundred years old...)
Beautiful performances, beautiful actors, (some of whom I knew before this movie, but Margaret Leighton, for instance?
Why wasn't she a huge, huge star?
 Margaret Leighton 1959.JPG
I know she died young, but she could have been, probably should have been, in Night of the Iguana.....

I had made a VHS recording of the movie decades ago whne it was shown on a local PBS station, but Himself finally found a DVD last year.

Get it.
Watch it. (I have a brother who won't watch "films" only "movies," he says. This is a film, by his reckoning, but it is woderful, nothing stuffy or pretentious, and  full of charm and wit and, mostly-- love.)

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