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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lily Allen?

I came across a picture of a celebrity who was unknown to me. (this is a very common occurrance as I age, not in small part to my having a different definition of what being celebrated means than do some people....)

Anywho, she is a singer, (not of the kind of song to which I am wont to listen, I feel, [quite strongly even without actual aural evidence],) sprung from the loins of parents who are also in the business they call show.
She looks like this:
Is it any wonder that I jumped to the conclusion that she was the daughter of the marvelous Helen McCrory?

(I apologize if I have insulted one or the other of them as regards to age and when such a birth could or could not have occurred. I suspect Miss McCrory is more of an age to be a sister than a mother to the other woman, though YoungPeopleNowadays. And the lifestyle of the pop singer and the whorish presentation of many of them does encourage a sort of decay - look at that poor little girl from The Parent Trap remake, who, with a very little help from plastic surgery has morphed into someone of the vintage of Donatella Versace, or the mutton-oft-dressed-as-lamb pop singer surnamed Ciccone.

A make-up person who was something of a hair and cosmetic historian told me once, while painting my face, that pretty much up until the '50s young people were desperate to appear and act like "grown-ups", and then Youth Culture hit and adults began trying to look like children. Perhaps Lindsey Lohan simply represents a swing of the pendulum.)

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