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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Of Christmas Carols and Dirty Old Men

Because I am constitutional incapable of "staying on task" as one urges little children nowadays, having finally gotten two packages mailed off, I set about arranging music for the caroling.

And carols lead me to folk music which lead me to Percy Grainger, which lead me to this, from his autobiography:
Altho she insisted she liked the personality of Christ, as a man, & altho she sometimes... said she had religious feelings, [Mother] was unwavering in her dislike of any portion of the Bible..."Be a good fellow & don't read to me from that awful depressing book." She was truly fond of Mrs McGee, & at times maybe somewhat influenced by Mrs McGee's Catholicism..."If I had to join any church, I think it would be easiest for me to join the Catholic church. I like the way Mrs. McGee is willing to sit in church beside any dirty old man.

Here comes everybody indeed!

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