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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Yeah, it's still Christmastide, but....

... choir directors, organists, music directors, cantors, directors of liturgy, (and CCD teachers!) are already planning for Lent and Holy Week.

The Liturgical Institute, up in Mundelein, is offering a workshop on "The Chants of Lent."

You want to go.

But even more, if your parish hasn't yet quite gotten on board with the Reform of the Reform, you want your PRIEST to go, you want your pastor to learn what Mother Church really asks of us in terms of Singing The Mass, yeah, yeah, RTSATM....

And let's face it, he needs a break almost as much as you do, after Christmas. (And St Mary of the Lake is a way lovely place to take a break.)

So make it easy for him to go, take up some slack around the office, ask a wealthy parishioner to pay his way, ask a retired priest friend to make himself available for confessions and Mass and stuff.

And Vespers will be wonderful.

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