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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Veiled Threats

So...  I wore a mantilla yesterday.
Himself thought it was beautiful.
I think the priest may have done a take.

No, not that extreme, just a little boggle.
But since calling attention to oneself is kinda sorta the antithesis of veiling, (not that I have any problem with doing so in the regular course of events, I am an attention hound, in fact,) I'll probably go back to hats at this parish.

Siste Mary Martha, (great blog, when did I stop remembering to read it?) had a post on the topic some time ago, with a bit of wisdom that had never occurred to me,
There was never a rule in the church that women had to wear a hat, because women were already wearing  hats.  You won't find a rule that says you have to wear clothing to church, because everyone already does that.

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