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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Some "Catholics" Simply Hate Catholicism...

...and perhaps Catholics.
And perhaps themselves.
reasons why there has been a drop in Catholic practice from the heady days of the 1950s, it seems clear that a major part of this is because Catholics have becoming a thinking people....
Today’s Catholics are far better educated than previous generations (surely a cause for rejoicing) and their understanding of their faith is therefore that much stronger. But with that has come a disregard for the old maudlin, sentimental ways, which were always accretions. Catholics don’t do blind obedience any more, nor do they do excessive devotions. They examine the tenets of faith and test them — sometimes to destruction. They prefer strong, clean modes and houses of worship, rather than over-ornamented rococo stylings and buildings full of stuff.
(Of course that is not yet universally true. One has only to look at the very clear differences between, say, the Anglo and Latino communities in the States.)....(I believe the writer is British, but he seems to have formed, and is unafraid to express, rather ugly opinions of Americans.)
For my money, this is why Francis is such a good thing ... His problem, of course, is that he is trying to make up for lost time — the 50 years of lost time since Vatican II during which back-pedallers have tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube. (at least he seems to know that what he himself has extruded into the Catholic world is the musical and liturgical equivalent of toothpaste. Forget putting it back into the tube - rinse it down into the sewers.)
So there you have it.

A man once entrusted with the liturgical practice of an entire diocese believes that Catholics no longer practice their faith because they are thinking.
nd they have.... thought better of it?

Well, at least he's honest, he sees no value in the practice of Catholicism. You know, for thinking people.

h/t to Jeff Ostrowski
I knew there was a reason I had stopped reading certain blogs.

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