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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Because Rite 3 Was So Fruitful When Pushed On Us Before

From time to time I see the newsletter of "Voice of the Faithful," so-called.
Earlier this week, on Ash Wednesday, the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests announced its 1,000-plus members were endorsing a letter to all U.S. bishops requesting full restoration of Vatican II rites for penance. Specifically, they seek return of "Rite 3," a communal liturgical service and communal absolution." This will rebuild and encourage a return to the practice of individual confession, they say. Today, 75% of Catholics have abandoned the sacrament, and Rite 3 would "move hearts in the future toward the value of periodic personal confession."
Does this not appear in Culpepper's Thesaurus of Idiom and Adage as the very definition of "throwing good money after bad"?
I went to plenty of "Reconciliation Services" with general absolution. PLENTY.  Everytime I was anywhere near a parish offering one I went. Lots of different places, lots of different dioceses, lots of different parishes.
When I was in one spot long enough and went to several at the same Church, the one thing I noticed was the dwindling crowds over time.
But ya know what?
I don't ever remember a parish that said, gee, that was a huge success, we're going to have to increase our hours for personal confession.
Anyone else ever see that happen?
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Gee, that didn't work at all, I got a GREAT idea -- lets try it again!

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