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Thursday, 12 February 2015

"Certainly, the Mass is not the homily...."

Then shouldn't it be really, really BAD news that:
“Often, for many faithful, it is precisely the homily, considered as good or bad, interesting or boring, that is the yardstick by which the entire celebration is judged.”

It seems to me that the art of homiletics, like many arts, should reach its zenith by becoming invisible, by drawing attention to the far more important "event" to follow.

Well, here's hoping the Homiletic Directory will eliminate the entertainment and the improv.
We “believe in the person of God,...the person is the Father, Son and the person of the Holy Spirit. And all three are involved in this creation, in this re-creation, in this perseverance in re-creation. And to all three of them our response is: to preserve and nurture Creation, let ourselves be reconciled with Jesus, with God in Jesus Christ, every day, and do not be grieved by the Holy Spirit, not drive it away: he is the host of our hearts, he who accompanies us, he who makes us grow. "
I know writing things out, at least in bullet points, helps me avoid slips and  confusing or misleading phrasing.

You know, write things down and stay on script.....

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