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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Like an Old Pair of Good Shoes....

I'm getting comfortable with it, you know?

I changed my home page when I sign on the internet to the headlines on Zenit, figured since I needed to use something, and small amounts of information about numerous matters was my preference -- unlike with most portals, news media, etc., the chances of my being greeted by a cat video, a Kardashian, or  "news" of a crime chosen for its weirdness or horror rather than its actual newsworthy-ness were slim to none.

What I am, regularly, greeted by is what I'm coming to expect, a headline that begins, more or less, Vatican Clarifies Pope's Remarks.

So, I am not a discomfited by those thoughts of OhNoHeSaidWHAT? as once I was.

I only recently moved from an area where far too many of my friends and my neighbors and my colleagues, (and you see, I worked for the Church,) used Pope Francis's neo-logistic verb.

And they were, frankly, racists. Ethnicists? Nationalists?

I don't for a minute think the Holy Father harbors such feelings - I think he likes to chat, and sees no need to consider the impact, for good or ill, every word of his, literally, EVERY WORD, will have.

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