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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Mardi Gras? How About Février Gras? Oh, Heck, L'année Gras!

(No, patently I do not speak French, can read it a very little.)
From the same thread as referenced below, a usually sharper-than-that commentator explains that pre-Lent, ( the existence of which startled me when I went to an EF 2 years ago and saw purple, and didn't get to attempt to sing along on the Gloria I had finally learned,) is pretty much moot, since it "act[ed] as a counterpoint to Carnival revelries that now mostly survive only as tourist spectacle here and there."

It seems to me that the license and extravagance of the festivities that once might have preceded Lent for a few short weeks are now a world-wide, 24/7/52 phenom.

There's almost always a Dakota Johnson or Kardashian or Beyonce or a Channing Tatum to be seen serving as.... a bead target, Mr.
 Image result for throw me some beads mister
In this country at least, "binge" has ceased to be a pejorative.
And there is not one night of the year that you couldn't find groups of  merry-makers in any city in the US, behaving and dressed in a way that not that long ago would have brought a blush to the cheek of the mayor of Rio.

"Survive?" No, the "Carnival revelries" are doing just fine, thank you, in fact, thriving,  propagating like rabbits, as a pope might say.

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