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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Tizzies 'long the Tiber

Pope Francis spoke to his priests, (that is, those from the diocese of Rome,) this past week.
Short prepared remarks on ars celebrandi and homiletics, then looooong questions from the floor.

Reports and rumours of reports are that he dissed trads, said yes-ish to married priests, acknowledged getting his beads read by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, averred that the reform was in no need of reform....

Tizzies have ensued.

But no one can have a settled opinion on this.
Why? Because, perhaps mindful of the effect caused by by ill- or at least casually chosen words of his sometimes in the past, and by careless, or agenda-driven, or perhaps irresponsible reporting of same, the Holy Father decided that this time, at least, no television cameras, and, so fa, at least no transcript of the Q & A, which is described as " the centerpiece of [the] audience."

Wise, I think...

So for now, the tizzies will needs must be fueled by "excerpts of the Pope's discourse...released thanks [to] priests who spoke to the press following the meeting. ,... record[ings of] the Pope's words [and]several phrases reported by a few Italian news agencies."

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