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Friday, 27 February 2015

"Repurposed, But Respectful"?

I have the TV on in the background as I'm doing a little office work, (I have discovered that when dealing with local government, checking out the requirements as outlined online, stopping in to the actual office to get a FAQ sheet, making a few phone calls to make certain and listening to recorded instructions,  checking out face-to-face with the person to whom you will ultimately apply for the matter within a matter of a half an hour -- all this  is no guarantee whatsoever that when you gather and sort your papers and drive over and take a number and wait to be called and actually try to acquire the license/exemption/registration/permission you will have with you any of the documentation or information you will need - or will need all the documentation or information that you have with you.)

Since  we're trying to organize things a little better, HGTV is often of fairly immediate interest.

The program, "You Live In What? is not of actual immediate relevance, but is usually really interesting.

I was only watching with half an eye and listening with half an ear, so I don't know the location of one such surprise-inducing domicile, or the name or background of its owner, but on a program titled "Bank, Airplane Hangar, Chapel" I heard the narrator say something to the effect that a chapel sanctuary had been repurposed in a way that was "respectful," and looked up suddenly to see a carved wooden altar with a clearly visible "IHS" which had been rebuilt into a bar.... which the desecrator owner said, "gives a new meaning to the term 'holy water.'"

Wouldn't a bunch of shofars make a cool mobile?
Can you imagine what lovely wallpaper pages from an antique Qur'an would make?

Would that be "respectful" repurposing? Would that be on national television? (Albeit basic cable)

I have long wondered why it is considered acceptable to make a lamp or a bowl for jelly beans out of a likeness of the Buddha.
Image result for buddha lamp

Would either of these Martin Luther's, or copies thereof "respectfully" be made into a lamppost or a hitching post and shown on HGTV?
Image result for statue of martin luther king jr Image result for statue of martin luther

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