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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best Wishes to You and Thine at the Holidays

At The New Liturgical Movement, initiated by the Bow-tied One's post about the new translations and such, 2nd person, or rather 2nd Person, pronouns are the subject.

I have no problem either way, except for the cacophony of final "r"s when the contemporary possessive is sung, but I do think the choice is often a marker for the care and attitude with which the rest of a given text is crafted.

But not always!

For the conversation reminded me of a P & W song I rehearsed on last night, whihc we must sing at an interfaith Thanksgiving service tomorrow night.

Quite aside from the brain-numbing repetitiveness of the words and the insipid, jingley tune -- for reasons unconnected to rhyme, it scampers happily between use of Thee/Thine and You/Yours when addressing God, all in the space of fewer than 2 dozen words.


And this is actual published music, from a major publisher.

Over in the aforementioned combox, one poster said:
'And with your spirit' is better, though, than 'You too.'
How 'bout the Missa Hoosieriana's "right back atcha"?

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