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Saturday, 28 November 2009

"Everything I need to know about men..."

This conversation with her six year old son is from the Crescat:
The Crescat: Do you still play with Joey at school?
[back story: Joey was a little boy that lived next door and was The Boy's best friend but his family moved 3 weeks ago.]

The Boy: Not much. We have recess at different times.

The Crescat: Do you miss him?

The Boy: I suppose.

The Crescat: How does Joey like his new house?

The Boy: I don't know.

The Crescat: Has he made any new friends in his new neighborhood?

The Boy: I don't know.

The Crescat: You don't know? You guys still talk right?

The Boy: Yeah! But boys don't talk about junk like that! Geesh!!! [insert huge eye roll]

The Crescat: Really? What do boys talk about then?

The Boy: I don't know mom, good grief! We talk about Storm Troopers and farts and stuff!

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