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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

There's a Valid Reason for Attacks Against the OHC & A Church

Archbishop Dolan of New York blogs on the anything-but-even-handed manner in which the New York Times "reports" and opines on Catholicism.
He correctly names the "selective" outrage, and correctly declares that Orthodox Judaism, Islam, historically Black protestant denoms, etc. would never be subjected to such lop-sided scrutiny, and even, at times, such sheer, malicious, meretricious ugliness as the Catholic Church has been.
But there is a reason, Your Excellency.

Good people in search of the truth, and evil people in the employ, (whether they know he's their employer or not,) of the Enemy -- they all have good reason to focus on the Catholic Church.

Catholicism matters.

And it matters in a way that no other belief system does, or can.

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