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Tuesday, 17 November 2009


More than elation, more than success... this feels like relief.
Hopefully, that will be overtaken by feelings of ... anticipation?
166 to 46 is pretty definitive.
194 to 20, even more so.
Another surprise element introduced on the opening day of the bishops’ Nov. 16-19 meeting came during initial informational presentation of several supposedly final segments of the new English translation of the Latin Roman Missal.

As the first of the five final segments was introduced, Bishop Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Pa., rose to ask what had ever happened to the translations of the antiphons – which the bishops had discussed in the first draft form a couple of years ago, he said, but which had never come back to them in final draft form for actual debate and vote.

Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli ... answered that the antiphons did not come back to the bishops for approval because in the meantime the Holy See has taken their translation to itself.

Trautman asked, “How does that square with” the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on Sacred Liturgy ...

Serratelli could only reiterate that the Vatican had assumed authority over the English antiphon translations and taken it out of the hands of the English-speaking bishops’ conferences around the world.

George ruled Trautman’s question out of order in the context of the business at hand, which concerned another set of texts, not the antiphons. When Trautman asked when or how his question might be in order, George assured him that room for his question would be made later in the meeting.

Except... oh, that's been taken care of.
NOT the easiest source of info.....

Bishops stand for 30-second stretch before tackling liturgy items.
Deliberation on liturgy begin by addressing Trautman concern about antiphons.
Trautman asserts that Rome is overstepping rights of the Conference to consider this part of the translation.
Trautman moves to have graybook from ICEL on antiphons before recognitio be issued.
Serratelli answers Trautman's charge. Paprocki is addressing the Code of Canon Law.
Paprocki has taken the meeting into Latin. [???]
Paprocki says Trautman has raised a legitimate point. George says this question should be discussed later. Trautman says no.
George urges that the bishops move on to the work before them. Trautman asks to speak again.
Trautman notes that his motion is still alive. "Not to complicate matters further, but ..." [No, not to complicate things...]
Serratelli is introducing Proper of Saints, noting this is bishops' last chance for input.
Passage of this, as other items, requires 2/3 vote of Latin-member bishops.
Serratelli notes that a decade-long process is nearing an end.
Bishop Sklba stands to note good work of Serratelli and committee, but flaws of translation.
Sklba suggests that welcoming of traditional Anglicans will mean our translation is unfavorably compared to Book of Common Prayer. [ya think?]
Niederauer notes that everyone can find something to dislike here. [:o)] Blaire notes that other English-speaking countries have passed this.
Bishops voting on Proper of Saints.
88% percent of bishops approve (195).
Serratelli presents Roman Missal Supplement.
There are no amendments to this document.
Silva notes that saint whose feast is celebrated in Hawaii is eligible to be on national calendar.
Serratelli and George say this can be considered under US Proper discussion.
Serratelli presents translation of Commons.
In arguing inclusion of Hawaiian saint, Silva notes several saints on calendar who lack the "national cultus" his saint presumably lacks.
Bishop Rosazza notes that English-speaking bishops seem to be held to tighter translation than, say, the French.
Bishop Trautman re-raises point about Rome stepping in on the antiphons. [Tunnel vision?] Serratelli asks that current text be addressed.
Impromptu amendment on mentioning Native Americans accepted on the spot.
US Propers goes up for vote. Bishops approve.
US Adaptation of Roman Missal passed. Serratelli calls this historic moment. George quips, "Not yet." [Touche]
Serratelli: Perfection will come when liturgy on Earth gives way to worship of God in Heaven.
Serratelli speaks on importance of catechesis on translation. Says time of implementation of translation will be determined by recognitio.
George thanks head of ICEL for his work on the translation
George says Trautman issue will still be addressed, as Conference may have right to translate antiphons.
Says USCCB could sue Congregation in Apostolic Signatura, or USCCB could say they approve Congregation's help with translation.
Bishops take evening coffee break.
Trautman makes motion on antiphons.
Wuerl asks if body can simply approve antiphons based on what they've seen in order to get recognitio.
Abp. Myers asks if another vote follows recognitio.
Vigneron asks if Trautman's motion might be remanded to committee. Wants thoughtful review of appropriate people.
Chaput wants opinion of canonist if bishops can vote to delegate to the Congregation on matter of antiphons.
Conlon, Bruskewitz, Mahony, Listecki, Sample, others speak up.
Pilarczyk offers to submit motion that work on antiphons be remanded to Rome
Trautman says bishops shouldn't get into habit of walking away from having their rights overstepped.
Bishops voting on Trautman motion.
Motion fails.
Pilarczyk submits motion that antiphons be remanded to Rome. Bishops voting.
Motion passes overwhelmingly.

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