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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Seeking Advice on "Monastery Gifts"

In giving little gifts at Christmas time I would like to spend my money where it will benefit causes and concerns in which I believe. (I mean, I like Target and all, but I'd rather, say, The Rosary Shrine get what little lucre I have to spend.)
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Generally, the recipients are of an age when consumables are best, (either because they are middle aged and have everything they need, or young and living in tight quarters.)

I have given people the Parish Book of Chant and the Adoremus Hymnal in the past, and St John Cantius CDs were found under many a Christmas tree over the past two years.

But this year I'd like to stick with edibles, or other consumables.

So, Mystic Monk Coffee, I know about, and practically having grown up in then nuns' back yard, everyone in my family already is familiar with the treasures of the Dominicans of Summit gift shop.

But not everyone drinks coffee, and you can't give someone soap every year or they'll start to think there's an ulterior motive.

And, this is going to sound odd, but if I am contributing in any way to a religious community, I want to know that they are not, well... whackjobs.

Anyone know about Genesee Abbey? The cakes look wonderful, but does anyone know anything about the monks? Are there practices orthodox and their cakes delish?
. Fruit cake assortment

How about candy?
Anyone care to recommend some good, solid bunch of nuns who make chocolates?

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