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Monday, 9 November 2009

How very dependant on your point of view your.... well, your point of view is

Today the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus was released by the Vatican.

When the special structure for Anglicans who wished to enjoy full communion with the Church was announced in mid-October, it was made clear that an apostolic constitution, which would, (juridically, I believe,) detail the new structure was undergoing revisions but would be published within the next fews weeks.

So today the document appeared, and why does the religion writer for the Paper of Record think it was published?
The announcement seemed aimed at dampening recent debate about whether in creating a new Anglican rite within the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican had brought in a kind of Trojan horse — married former Anglican clergy — a practice that might someday normalize the acceptance of married Catholic priests.
To WHOM would it seem so?
Only someone so self-centered as to be unable to imagine that the Catholic Church's "aims" could possibly differ from his own.

Yeah, the Pope must have decided to do what he had already announced he would do several weeks ago because of the way I and my colleagues have gotten our knickers in a twist over it all since then, by focusing on what is among the least important aspects of the whole magilla, and, readily available facts to the contrary, insisting we knew the real reason the decision had been made in the first place.
Yeah, that's it.

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