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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Heading Back to Conservatory...

... to get me one o' these (not):
McNally Smith College of Music is proud to announce a new three semester Diploma program dedicated to hip-hop studies.

Our new Diploma program in Hip-Hop Studies is for prospective students who want to explore and develop in a cross-departmental curriculum that covers music, recording technology, language, music history, and music business. [What? no marksmanship?]

You’ll get hands-on technical training on recording and mixing music in a studio. You’ll take part in a three-course history sequence that grounds hip-hop in its cultural origins. You’ll learn the fundamentals of language through creative writing and performance. You will take part in a hands on introduction to deejay techniques and hip-hop music production

I am reminded suddenly, that a friend from college, basically a budding opera coach, applied for some major music grant "to study with the great page turners of Europe."
And also that, speaking as a Catholic, I feel that Minnesota already had a lot to answer for in music...

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