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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Go, or don't go if you don't wanna, the Mass is ended, but feel free to stay and make some noise

Today was not a good day for me to read this, a plea, or at least a suggestion that Catholics not hightail it out of church before the postlude.


I can only dream of having the congregation leave.

The rudeness, the noise level is not to be believed.
And I don't mean to me, (although I feel bad for the choir,) I couldn't care less whether people listen to me play.
I refer to the disrespectful and irreverent demeanor in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament, in God's holy tmeple.
The Bow-tied One offers that "it would only take one or two announcements in the homily to make the difference."

Ah, well, first it would take the homilist thinking that respectful silence was a good thing, or at least a better thing than never risking alienating parishioners by admonishing them, however gently.

And he himself would have to be a practitioner.

Once this weekend I was aware of extremely loud laughing and talking, (and by "aware", I mean I could hear and understand every word of the joke being told,) while I finished up, (half a verse of the final hymn and 35 seconds of organ voluntary.)

I went down stairs and whispered to the priest in the vestibule that I though his mic' was still on.
"Yes, probably," he waved me off nonchalantly and continued his conversation.

And that was the quiet Mass, not the one that had me contemplating how suitable the Missa Sousa would be for this bunch.

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