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Monday, 9 November 2009

Cartoonist Needed

The investigation of US Catholic religious sisters has inspried me with a wish to draw.

But I can't draw... well, I can draw, pretty well actually, but I can't cartoon, and I think someone needs to do a cartoon, of religious sisters... of a certain age? clad as might be expected, perhaps caught in a moment immediately post-terpsichorean? confronted by a circle of sad, serious, habitted sisters and other Catholic officials with looks of kindly consternation on their faces, speaking the language of the intervention: We love you, and don't want to lose you, you have to get help.

Because that is the real context of these investigations -- family and friends seeing communities with an addiction to secular values, vocations anorexia, spiritual unhealthiness, and wanting, NEEDING to help before its too late.

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