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Saturday, 21 November 2009


I am... disappointed? alarmed? disgusted? worried?.... cannot pin down or put into words the exact affect produced in me by recent current events. (Ineffable, huh?)
Let's just say I'm agin'em.

And not only the events, but the picture being painted of the events by the chattering classes.
For instance, this article is headlined, "Lawmakers Defy Church Pressure on DC Gay Marriage."

But it would have been just as fair to say "Church Defies Lawmakers' Pressure on DC Gay Marriage."

But the first makes the D.C.council out to be the brave little principled underdogs battling a move by the big bad Magisterium--- when in truth, they have all the power, they are the ones changing the ground rules, and they are the ones trying to coerce the Church into supporting something She teaches and has always taught.

Now, the body of the article presents a little more balance. But the opinion pieces I am reading, in supposedly reputable rags to which I will not link are unrepentant Yellow Journalism.

The anti-Catholic spin they are trying to put on it is that the Church is given government/public/state funds to do what She wants, and instead ought to start doing what the government/public/state wants.

Bravo Sierra.

The government/public/state needs certain tasks performed and without the charitable work of the Church THEY WOULD NOT GET DONE.

Now, She, the Church, does this work anyway.

But the government/public/state gives her money to do more of it than She could with Her own funds because it needs the work done; it is in the government/public/state's vital interests to have it done and it needs to to contract people and entities to do it.

And the Catholic Church is among the largest, best equipped, and most efficient, (yeah, that last part baffles me, too, I admit) of the entities to do this kind of work.

And She's still willing to do it.

And the government/public/state will still be looking for people and entities to do it for them.

But the DC council is saying that She is not eligible by their new rules.

So it's still going to try to contract people and entities to do the work.

But the D.C. council is saying that no one who insists on believing what the Church believes is worthy to care for D.C.'s poor, feed D.C.'s hungry, clothe D.C.'s naked, find parents for D.C.'s orphans, cure D.C.'s sick or house D.C.'s homeless.

Why is the DC city council more interested in having the Church sign on to their politically correct view of psychology, sex and society than in caring for its city's poor?


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