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Monday, 16 November 2009

Polish National, Catholic Dialogue Focuses on Clergy Transfers

I am confused by >this:
The challenges of clergy transfers between churches stood as a key topic at the annual Polish National Catholic-Roman Catholic dialogue, this year at the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania, September 28-29. Bishop Edward U. Kmiec of Buffalo and Bishop Anthony Mikovsky of the Central diocese of the PNCC co-chaired the meeting.

Members held a lengthy discussion on proposed recommendations about difficulties that arise when a clergyman transfers from one church to the other. A proposed text was refined and a process of consultation with appropriate bodies in the two churches will now be undertaken.

I didn't know there was the possibility of clergy "transfer", since they are not in communion with each other.
Is this really just a consideration of whether we, (those in communion with the Bishop of Rome, the successor of Peter,) consider their orders valid? and in what language we couch any recognition of apostolic succession?

Does this have bearing on the Anglican situation?

Et unum sint...

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