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Monday, 13 April 2015

As Catholic As They Wanna Be...

... instead of as Catholic as the world/political correctness/governmental agencies tasked with oversight of employee healthcare/people who demand that those who demonstrate contempt for your beliefs are entitled to  work for you if they want/armchair activists might be willing to allow them to be.
Wyoming Catholic College... [c]iting concerns about federal rules on birth control and same-sex marriage...decided this winter to join a handful of other religious colleges in refusing to participate in the federal student-aid programs that help about two-thirds of students afford college.
I find it hard to...  like a place that brags that its students are permitted to carry guns but not cell phones, but there you have it, opposition to enforced political correctness makes absolutely whack bed-fellows.
I'm still wondering about this,
Students who are transgender.... “would be contravening church teaching just by being here.”
Does either doctrine, dogma or discipline really address this specific psychological problem?
(As I recall, one of St Joan of Arc's "crimes" was wearing masculine attire.)
Or does the term "transgender" mean something more than "identifying," are there particular actions one would need to take to be considered "transgender" - can urges absent acting upon those urges be sinful?

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