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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Why Not Present Oneself for Communion?

A blogger to which I will not link, for even when I agree with his basic point, his langage, invective, and animus for his fellow sinners is beyond the pale,) rightly, I think, sometimes decries the flouting of litrugical law that implies a flouting of doctrine.
But he's really worked himself up over the idea of "“trannii probati”" having their feet washed during the Holy Thursday mandatum in a Roman prison.
Jails do not gather the most beautiful flowers of humanity....
Okay, stipulated.
The Church certainly belongs in a jail, but the Church belongs there in order to convert or reform the sinners, not to encourage them in their sins....
Again, agreed.
[Which] is, most certainly, what has happened with this disgraceful episode.
What "sin" is encouraged?
How is gender dysphoria a sin?
It is either mental illness or acting out, and done because one is in denial about ones sex, or to enjoy the frisson of drag, but if the former, which surely must be the case when one is allowed to cross-dress in a prison, absent an intention to deceive others, (because one has already deceived oneself,) where is the sin?
There is no possible universe in which a Trannie can present himself for communion dressed like a woman and therefore fully embracing, for everyone to see, his own perversion – and receive worthily. Her very attitude, clothes, walk, talk, in short: all her person will scream: “I am in mortal sin!”
If we can accept a world in which that is not mortal sin, then nothing must be a mortal sin.Since gender-specific clothes, shoes, make-up, hairstyle, etc., are societal constructs, I really can't see how someone suffering from a disordered gender identity is in mortal sin for wearing make-up, a gown, "done" hair - I just can't.
A delusional man dressing up as a woman is not sinful, it's pitiable.
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